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ING DIRECT works to integrate its business and charity initiatives into a Sustainability framework which holistically tracks its overall impact on the environment; the community; the marketplace and its employees.

The ‘Impact’ program was introduced to ensure all four parts of the sustainability puzzle come together as one.

Click here to view the 2012 Impact Report.

ING DIRECT & Sustainability

ING Direct operates in an interdependent society – we rely on our customers, employees, the community, environment and our shareholder in order to do business. We are also aware that people rely on, and gain benefit from, us being in business. This presents an opportunity for our business to make a positive impact and for us to minimise any potential negative impacts on the way we do business.

Our people are the heart of ING DIRECT and we treat them as such. Underpinning everything we do is the “Orange Way,” our cultural values. Our values reflect what we stand for, they link us together, guide us in the way we work and to achieve our goals. We are simple and straightforward; bold and different; passionate and energetic; and we deliver together.

ING DIRECT believes in encouraging our employees to connect with the community and allow at least one paid day per employee each year to do so.

In addition to team building activities such as backyard blitzes and working bees to assist community organisations, we encourage employees to utilise their skills and expertise to strengthen the capacity of our community partners. A great example is our Learning and Organisational Development team providing training solutions for our community partners, including coaching and mentoring skills and time management.

At ING DIRECT we want to be an active participant in making a positive and meaningful impact in the community. We believe in supporting innovative projects that address real community needs and using our skills and expertise to benefit our community partners. We believe in this because we are part of the community in which our business operates and we know that there is much to be gained for both our business and the wider community from working together.

ING DIRECT supports four key charity partners:

  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE)
  • School for Social Entrepreneurs
  • United Way

View ING Group’s Creating Chances for Children Report here. The Report’s title reflects ING Group’s primary focus on children as its part of its community investment strategy.

At ING DIRECT we aspire to be the fairest alternative in Australian banking. Our customers are the foundation of our business and we focus on treating them fairly, doing business responsibly and always acting with transparency.

We pride ourselves on being the competitive force in Australian banking by offering a true alternative to the big four banks. We offer simple and straight forward products and consistent, long-term value by keeping costs low.

Financial Wellbeing Index
Launched in 2010, ING DIRECT’s quarterly Household Financial Wellbeing Index provides a unique insight into how Australian households are faring across six key issues of personal money management to create a holistic view of whether Australians are strengthening their financial wellbeing, experiencing deteriorating conditions or simply treading water.

Although ING Group is carbon neutral globally, the most important step to take locally to support our worldwide efforts is to minimise our carbon footprint and consumption as much as possible.

We have therefore set the ambitious vision of becoming Australia’s most environmentally responsible retail bank. To begin this journey, ING DIRECT has committed to a number of principles and targets.

  • Reduce our carbon emissions by 15% by 2015
  • Reduce our paper usage by 30% by 2015
  • Create more awareness about being environmentally conscious and engaged


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