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ING uncovers the road etiquette rules to improve highway harmony (media release)

Published on 17/06/2019

Whether it’s tailgating fellow drivers or inconsiderate parking, one in five Aussies (20%) say frustration on the road has caused them to have an accident, new research commissioned by ING reveals.

The research, which coincides with the launch of ING Car Insurance, reveals that while nearly all Aussies (97%) rate themselves a safe driver, most of the nation (89%) admit another driver has got them hot under the collar with annoying driving habits, and three-quarters (78%) are guilty of committing these same driving blunders.

Tailgating has been voted the most irritating behaviour (78%), followed by changing lanes without indicating (77%) and leaving high-beams on (64%).

The majority of Aussie drivers (73%) say they’ve been caught off guard by another car, and half (52%) admit their stress has led them to lose focus on the road. One in five Aussies (20%) say frustration on the road has led to an accident, with men (24%) more likely than women (16%) to let stress get the better of them.

Following simple road etiquette and brushing up on the basics could be the key to avoiding unnecessary accidents and car insurance claims, ING Head of Wealth, Cathy Duncan says.

“We’ve all been there – trying to merge but no one lets you in, can’t open your car door because another car has parked too close. It’s these little things that frustrate us and can cause our judgement and decision-making to be impaired by stress.

“That’s why, to coincide with the launch of the ING Car Insurance product, we’ve asked Australians to weigh-in on their biggest driving bugbears and launched our Aussie Road Etiquette Guide to highlight the simple things drivers can do to avoid emotion-fuelled accidents.”

 This research revealed:

  • Australia’s biggest frustrations: taking the top spot is tailgating (78%), followed by changing lanes without indicating (77%), not indicating properly (73%), leaving high-beams on (64%) and selfish parking (61%).
  • The illusion of superiority – nearly all Aussies (97%) consider themselves a safe driver and the majority rate themselves a great driver (69%), but almost half (44%) admit to being a bad driver at times and one in three (34%) agree they’ve picked up bad habits since passing their P’s. Some even admit they probably wouldn’t pass their driving test again (15%).
  • Aussies quick to point the finger: Despite Millennials having the biggest driving egos, rating themselves the most skilled (72%), Gen Y and Millennials have been voted the most annoying on the roads (53%), with P platers coming a close second (39%).
  • Off-putting passengers – Aussies say screaming kids (36%), arguments with partners (36%), and backseat drivers (34%) have caused stress on the road.
  • Caution stopping adventure: Over half (59%) the nation are driving less and many (47%) are reluctant to drive in rush hour traffic due to stress on the roads, whilst 24% have given up on buying their dream car in fear of it being damaged.

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Notes to editors

This survey was commissioned by ING and conducted by YouGov Galaxy in May 2019. The sample comprises 1,025 car drivers aged 18 plus and distributed throughout Australia.


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