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Men more willing to share finances than women

Published on 04/05/2012

Friday, 4 May 2012: Research carried out by ING DIRECT has shown twice as many men, than women, cited “being in love…” as a reason to open a joint bank account. Men were also more likely to initiate the ‘joint account’ conversation.

Aside from the obvious benefits of having a joint account – to help with saving and budgeting – nearly ten per cent listed ‘having greater visibility of my partners’ financial activity’ as a benefit.

Key findings include:

  • 67% have a joint account with their partner
  • 20% of men compared with 10% of women cited “being in love and trusting their partner” as a reason to open a joint account
  • One in five (22%) couples had not opened a joint account because their partner could not control their spending
  • While most couples had knowledge of their partners’ accounts, 19 per cent maintained a secret account
  • Men were the initiators to opening a joint account (43% vs 34% of women)

ING DIRECT’s Lisa Claes said “We were genuinely surprised by the results of the survey, there appears to be a clear difference between what men and women think when it comes to opening a joint bank account.”

When and why couples open a joint account?

Most respondents (27%) opened a joint account with their partner within the first two years of their relationship; 23 per cent within the first five years; 21 per cent within the first 12 months and a high percentage waited until they were married (20%).

Getting engaged or married was the most common reason to open a joint account (31%); followed by “a shared savings goal” like a holiday or buying a home (at 23%) and moving in together (18%).

However, one in five had an account they kept secret from their partner

  • Almost half (47%) used their secret account as an extra source of funds for going out/eating out; 41% used it as an extra place for savings – with more women using it for savings (53%), compared with men (33%).
  • More than one in five (23%) used their secret account to buy items their partner may not approve of
  • Men were more inclined to use their secret funds for their lifestyle (51% vs 41% women) and are guilty of using their secret account to buy items their partner may not approve of (27% vs 17% of women who do the same). 
  • 10% of men kept a secret account from their partner for their own personal spending versus 7% of women.  

“Women were far more conservative with their secret account, using it as a place for extra saving instead of secret purchases,” said Claes

Of those without a joint account:

  • 70% of respondents said remaining financially independent was the main reason not to open a joint account; 22% said because their partner couldn’t control their spending and 15% said it would be too hard if they broke up.
  • More women (73%) noted ‘financial independence’ as the reason not to have a joint account, compared to 67% of men.
  • 10% of people didn’t trust their partner with money or were too afraid to ask about opening a joint account.  

This research was carried out by iLink through an online survey of approximately 1,000 Australians aged 25-40 in March 2012.

Using Orange Everyday as a joint account: 

  • Automatic bill payment – perfect for paying rent and household bills on time from one account
  • Mobile banking – check account balances, pay bills on the go and keep tabs on your partner’s spending
  • Joint saving
    • A couple can link their Orange Everyday account with an ING DIRECT Savings Maximiser and transfer money between the two accounts in real time
    • A couple could set up an Automatic Savings Plan from their Orange Everyday account (when a set amount is debited on a set date)
    • Linking the savings and transaction account is handy if a couple has a joint savings goal e.g. (wedding/house/holiday) and have joint expenses (rent/groceries/bills) as well.
    • Control – Both parties’ money is in the same bank and therefore easier to control and track

General benefits of an Orange Everyday account:

  • No account keeping fees and no minimum deposit
  • Any ATM in Australia Free – Just withdraw $200 or more to use any ATM in Australia Fee Free
  • Bonus 50c when you get $200+ cash out using Eftpos
  • Easy to set up and manage online 
  • Mobile banking for iphone and Android apps
  • Low international withdrawal fees

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